Recording King RKH-05 "Dirty 30's" Five String Banjo Review Under $500

What is the RKH-05 all About?

If you're looking for the best banjo for the money, then the best starter banjo for beginners has to be the RKH-05. Recording King is a company built on great craftsmanship at a fantastic price. 


  • Rosewood Fretboard
  • Inlaid Dot Fretboard Markers
  • Satin Finish
  • Ivory Tuning Key Buttons

  • Multi-Ply Rim
  • Adjustable Coordinator Rod
  • Maple Neck with Adjustable 2-Way Truss Rod
  • Maple Resonator

  • Plate Flange with 24 American Threaded Hooks and Nuts
  • REMO Recording King Head
  • Presto Tailpiece
  • Maple/Ebony Bridge

Recording King Dirty 30s Resonator Banjo RKH-05- Discount



So what are the best starter banjo reviews of the Recording King Dirty 30s Resonator Banjo RKH-05? Good Banjo Reviews are here to help you find the best inexpensive banjo for the money. It's much easier than trying to find used banjos for beginners. (They're hard to find used most often.)

The best 5 string banjo for beginners under $500 has to be the Recording King Dirty 30s Resonator Banjo. (Just based on the dirty 30s title- awesome! :) Recording King is world renowned for quality banjos, and to get something this playable for under $500 is great. These starter banjos have proven to be great with tone, stay in tune (it's tougher to find stringed instruments that stay in tune well than you'd think...)

The RKH-05 is very playable. Great action, even spacing, quality components.

I personally love resonator style banjos.  Open back can be interesting too, but I don't feel like I'm holding a TRUE banjo for beginners unless it's a resonator.

There was a Recording King Dirty 30s Resonator Banjo RKH-05- Discount when we visited last too- use RKBFS and get 25% off.

Recording King at Their finest

As stated by the company- 

Dirty Thirties Series

The Dirty Thirties Series sits at the perfect crossroads of classic sound and historic design. Like the original Montgomery Ward mail order instruments from the first half of the century, Dirty Thirties guitars and banjos are the ideal companion for singer-songwriters, folk stylists or traveling troubadours.

Dirty Thirties Resonator Banjo

The Recording King Dirty Thirties Resonator Banjo packs excellent playability and historic vibe into a retro-infused package that makes vintage style and traditional banjo sound accessible to every player. With a great looking satin finish, maple neck and Remo Recording King banjo head, the Dirty Thirties Resonator Banjo has a classic banjo tone and is light enough to take on the road with ease.

Recording King Banjos

Recording King banjos are built from genuine pre-war replica parts. The Madison Series offers players professional sound in a low key package and our handcrafted USA Series sets a new standard for American made banjos.

About Recording King

Beginning as a house brand in the 1930's for Montgomery Ward, Recording King acoustic guitars and banjos were developed during the Golden Age of musical craftsmanship, a period that resulted in some of the most well-respected and sought-after fretted acoustic instruments available. Building on this piece of American history, our Recording King instruments uphold the name's historic legacy using vintage designs and hand-assembled parts. Our instruments have the look, feel and sound of the classic models with impeccable workmanship and enhancements for contemporary players. All Recording King models are made for the long-term - you can hand a Recording King instrument down from generation to generation. This is what we strive for in each handmade model.

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